Welcome to Raybunctious!!!

Welcome to my new blog, Raybunctious (get it? like rambunctious)!
I thought that my first blog post would be a great opportunity to introduce myself to the blog world. So here is a little about me!

My name is Ray *hyper wave*. I am a young mother of three rambunctious girls, two out of the three happen to be twins! I wanted to start this blog as a way to help me vent througout my journey to a successful life. Follow me as I discuss lifes natural challenges, financial progress, family life, college life (yes I am a college student), and various things that I am interested in.

Now off to why I even got interested in this blog thing!

I have always been a supporter of other various blogs on the internet. My favorites are Young House Love, Dulce Candy, The Modest Homestead, Sawdust & Embryos (weird name but I am still a fan). After being such a long time supporter of various bloggers, I felt as though I had something to offer as well. So I decided to offer it. I started this blog simply because I wanted to document the little things in my life. I get a ton of compliments on how great of a mother I am, how involved I am with my children, and that I could really teouch alot of other mothers around the world. Especially young mothers. So follow me as I live my life and share it with you guys. I really hope to gain some new friends along this journey.

Talk to you soon 😀


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