I’ve never been the girl to have coolest things in high school. I looked decent, but I was never on trend. I would always see the same group of girls with the latest sneakers on. Or even the same group of girls with the UGG boots. I wanted them so bad, but for $150? My mother would simply pause, laugh hysterically, and then tell me the list of bills she had to pay. My mother never had much and even though my father had a tad bit more, he was never one to spend $150 on a “trend”.

Fast forward several years after graduating, I still want those same shoes that no one would buy me when I was in high school. The fact that I see women in their 40s wearing these boots that I craved for when I was younger makes me a tad jealous. There are obviously knock off boots that I could buy, BUT I WANT THESE! After all of these years, I still get this shoppers craving when I see these cool trends come and go. Why is the real question? Is it the fashionista in me that has been hidden under layers and layers of adulthood and mommydom! I’ve been an Old Navy shopper since I had children. All I rock are mom jeans and oversized tee shirts since I put on all of the baby weight. Wait, can it still be baby weight if my youngest are almost 4? Anyways, why on earth am I so concerned about being stylish now?

I guess after years of changing poopy diapers, constantly having spit up, formula, breast milk and sometimes poo on my shirts, I no longer want to simply dressy comfortably. I want to be a stylish momma all the time. Not only on special occasions. The twins have been potty trained for several months now. Im not nearly as busy as I used to be. The pulled back ponytails are starting to cause some serious balding around my edges anyways. Time to stop being lazy and start taking care of myself, because I do care. My chipped nail polish has been the same for months and I haven’t even attempted to fix it. *sigh* Life as a busy momma! I guess I’ll fix myself up for a nice breakfast. Maybe even put lotion and perfume on!!! I’m such a sad case.


2 thoughts on “Mommynista?

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    Courage!! set aside a small amount of time everyday for yourself and that should work wonders ❤

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