Popcorn & Halloween Madness

What a wonderful week of fun! From Frozen On Ice to Halloween Parade fun! Children really do live the life! My daughters went to an awesome Halloween parade last night. It was the first Halloween parade any of us had ever attended and it was quite the experience. So many families and businesses come out and decorate their cars or create floats for the parade. It kind of got me excited to do one. The cutest one I seen was the toddler in a little jail cell, with his prison uniform on. He was behind bars and it had said Wanted for taking all the cookies! Too cute! I wish I would have taken a picture.

Disney On Ice recently came into town and my girls were able to see their favorite movie on ice, FROZEN! Hell, even I was excited. The show was amazing. My girls have been to three of the Disney On Ice shows and this one blew me away. You could tell that they put alot of effort in those costumes. They played the whole movie out on the ice, it was amazing.

Of course, whenever you attend any disney event, the prices are ridiculously expensive. Thirty-eight dollars for 3 Cotton Candy Bags! REALLY? Who in there right mind would want to spend almost forty bucks on COTTON CANDY! We complained and stomped our feet, but the girls stomped theirs even more. We didn’t get the cotton candy, but we did get some snow cones that came in Olaf cups (we have been using them at home) and a bag of popcorn. Another funny moment was when we finally got our $16 Olaf snow cups, ten minutes later one of my kids drop it on the ground! *blank stare*

Unfortunately when the event was over that chaos began, as we were rushing to the car my daughter drops the bag of popcorn and has a melt down! GREAT! To this day she keeps telling me we have to go back to Disney On Ice so we can find her bag of popcorn. LOL! Aren’t kids just adorable?


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