Sometimes you have to remind yourself to keep going…

We all get stuck sometimes. We all fail or make mistakes throughout our journeys of finding ourselves. Many times we slip up and back track when we should be pressing forward. Inconsistency has become my middle name. I have suddenly become a consistent failure. The small amount of goals that I have achieved were only because I had given up at least 20 times before I finally achieved my goal. My day to day agenda revolves around planning my life. I plan what I will eat, when I will clean, what car I will be driving in the near future, what I will go to school for, if I will or will not become a doctor, how I will lose thiss tremendous amount of weight thst has latched onto me like the Pizza Hut I just devoured last night.

I could plan my whole future in a notebook and not follow through with any of it. Why? If I plan, then I will be prepared, but you’re only prepared when you follow through with your plans. Again I ask myself, why not follow through?

Pure and complete LAZINESS!I’m usually very blunt and to the point anyways. There so I answered my own question! It is the one thing that makes me different from those who are successful. It’s always easier to give up than to keep going, and I have always been one to take the 100% risk free, easy route! Yet since it is so easy, I am usually the one who misses out. When you don’t take risks you cannot become truly successful. Not the kind of successful I imagine being anyways. Have you ever met someone who was partially driven? Well you met her now! I can do everything a driven and organized person can do but DRIVE!

So how do I stop this trainwreck? How do I become more of what I want to be. Start somewhere…anywhere…just not here.

So I chose to start with one of the biggest challenges of my life, which is my weight. Being overweight has many more challenges to overcome other than just how heavy you are. It is a physical, mental and emotional thing that you have to overcome. Before I started on my career, I wanted to challenge myself physically by achieving this goal. I’ve never had to challenge myself physically, so this is going to be one of the hardest things ever.

I said that I would document my weight loss journey and I wanted anyone who was going through these same set backs to know that we still have to keep going. I want to look back at this blog post and remember how defeated and hopeless I felt.


One thought on “Sometimes you have to remind yourself to keep going…

  1. ghrelingremlin says:

    A kindred spirit. I also fail on follow through… If you make any break throughs, be sure to post, cause I need to know. Finding a way to finish what I start is one of the many things I haven’t followed through

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