First Serious Week In…

In my previous blog posts, I discussed that I would be tracking my weight loss journey and documenting it on my blog. I want to be able to look back and see how far I have come. I want to be able to see the challenges that I overcame, and be able to show other people what EXACTLY I did to achieve this very strenuous goal.

So my first SERIOUS week in. I have been walking with a co-worker during my hour long lunch. She walks much faster than me and weighs about 60-70 pounds less than I do, but it works. Lately, I have been having a hard time walking because of my shin splints. I believe the weight takes a huge part in it, and also the fact that I am flat footed. It has been slowing me down all week and it is very frustrating. I thought that it may be the type of shoes that I am wearing as well. So I am planning on going to a running shoe store over the weekend, and hopefully finding some even more comfortable shoes. Shoe insoles have never did much for me, but we will see what the shoe experts have to say about that. After much research, shoe insoles do alot more than what I imagined. I guess the Dr. Scholls just doesn’t do much for me. During my research, I found a shoe that I have been interested in. The Lunar Glides have some amazing reviews, we will see what the professionals have to say about it after they take a look at my foot.

I have also been doing my C25K for the hundredth time. After today I will be on Week 1 Day 2. And will also be doing it again this Sunday. A real huge goal for me is to start my Focus T25 once again. I have been seeing some amazing results with some of my colleagues. The weight has been shedding off, and I want to shed some weight off too 😦 I didn’t see any results, but then again I barely finished a full week of it. I am so proud of myself that I have walked 2 miles everyday this week. It has been very hard on not only my legs but also on my back. I have done some research with that too, and just as I knew it, my posture needs some improvement when walking. The faster I walk, the more I tip over forward. It strains my back really bad, and I feel like I can barely make the walk.

This whole thing is a huge adjustment. I am going to try to take it slower. I may be pushing myself too hard with my co-worker. How can I nicely say that I can’t walk with you anymore? She walks much faster than me and has goals that she would like to accomplish too. She is doing training for a job and I don’t want to slow her down. Hmmm, maybe I should just say that. That didn’t sound too harsh!

Anyways, I will have another update up next week. See you soon!


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