And just like that, Christmas is over.

After a full month of browsing through weekly ads, stressing out on what to get your mother in law for Christmas, even fighting with other moms and sometimes even grandmas on Black Friday. Just like that, its all over. All of the hard work and hard earned money is gone just like that.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Ever since I was a little girl, I wished my parents would just do a little bit more year after year. I wanted the Christmas lights on the exterior of our home, I wanted the fireplace decked out, I wanted to go Christmas shopping. I wanted it all! There was never a mistletoe, reindeers on top of the house, and fake snow all over our yard (mind you I lived in Florida at the time)

Now that I am a parent, I get it. No one wants to go broke over a holiday! Even though for some reason we all still do. Because even though it seems nice and looks nice, Christmas is only celebrated for a month. After that we are just trying to dodge the snow and keep from getting into an accident as we make our way to and from work. Life goes on. Santa isn’t real, and neither is his workshop. Us parents ARE the workshop. Year after year, I stress myself out trying to get everything so that the kids can feel like its Christmas. I go hunting for toys, gingerbread houses, christmas cookies, christmas arts and crafts, reindeer food (oatmeal with glitter), a few more added touches and BAM! None of that ever happens except for the very expensive toys my kids enjoy. Frozen was hella expensive this year. $35.99 on an Elsa doll? What? The sad part about it was that I bought three of those things. All my daughter wanted was Elsa, and she sure did get it. I even made a shopping list so that I could take part in the Black Friday sales. Even that was rigged. I should have read the part where it said only select toys were buy one get one 50% off. Oh well!

But of course none of that matters anymore. Christmas is over, the toys are opened, and the sale is gone. I never realized that this is what my parents went through. I know they are so glad that their kids are out the house LOL!