That moment when you realize summer is only a few months away #GETFIT #FITFABNOW

“I can’t wait until the summer! I am so sick of this cold weather.”

Looks down at your beer belly.

“Never mind.”

I am overjoyed that summer is coming but I did not stick with my winter workout plan, so that I could be prepared for this summer. I have gained an additional 30 pounds since last year. It will take me by the fall to lose at least 30 to 50 pounds (when your already over weight you lose more pounds vs. women who are at a more healthy weight). I want to start over! Do we get do-overs? Of course not, ya snooze you lose! I am no where near bathing suit ready. I literally just started working out this month!

I am back to documenting my weight loss journey. Last April I purchased a treadmill that I thought I would use. I heard Tyra Banks saying how when she watches her favorite television shows, instead of sitting on the couch, she runs. It makes the time go by faster, and she is able to breeze through her workouts. I tried and failed. There is just something about going to the gym to do something as simple as running that pumps me up. Because when I am at the gym, I actually want to do something that is going to get my heart pumping. So now that I realized this, what the crap am I going to do with my treadmill? I don’t want to sell it for half of what it is worth! I’ll figure it out.

I am back on my C25K app. I just started today and my legs were giving out on me. I have tried and failed my app, but I hope I am able to stick to it. I really want to complete these few weeks and see if I am actually able to run 30 minutes straight by the end of this app. I will keep you guys updated on my weight loss during this week and also how my body adapts to my workouts. I am still a beginner but hopefully my muscles will adapt well with the change. Right now, I don’t care how fast I can run, as long as I am able to run more than 2 minutes straight.

I have also been doing strength training. I know a lot of trainers suggest that I walk first, jog if I can. Do more cardio at first, but I love strength training more. It is much easier for me as well. Cardio can be hard on my legs and my knees. I have also been trying to get into the habit of cycling. There is no way I will be attending a cycle class anytime soon. I am extremely intimidated, and i am fine with that. I feel as though I am too overweight for most of the classes that they offer. But once I drop 50 pounds, I will start participating in them. Right now, I have so much flubber it is hard for me to even sit in certain positions. I would love to try out yoga, and things like that. But I honestly feel as though I am too overweight to try them.

Besides, summer is only a few months away, and if I can successfully complete my C25K by the summer, I will be one happy camper.

Now onto my diet. Okay, I have no diet. It is really challenging to stick to a diet if I don’t meal prep. So the next time I go grocery shopping I will purchase foods so that I can meal prep. I feel like im on a scavenger hunt looking for something healthy, and when I can’t find it I turn for the worse. I have been excellent at eating at work which is surprising. I eat a salad everyday for lunch because that is the only healthy item they serve in there, and I have fruit for my 2 snacks during the day. Breakfast is usually quick and easy, and dinner is where I simply eat moderately and avoid anything deep fried.

That is all I have for my new and improved #W8UPD8 LOL! I will try my best to update every Wednesday.


3 thoughts on “That moment when you realize summer is only a few months away #GETFIT #FITFABNOW

  1. ghrelin gremlin says:

    I dread summer, when I look most silly in my bulky “hide me” clothes. But I’m excited to someday wear pretty sundresses and maybe even go swimming. I feel ya about not wanting to do yoga classes just yet. They say things like “hug your knees into your chest” and I’m like “my belly is in the way, I can reach my knees”
    It seems like putting the cart before the horse

    • ryoung1644 says:

      Exactly how I feel about it. I have to shed a few more pounds before I am able to do any of those crazy exercises. I wanted to do cycling but everyone comes out drenched in sweat. I am pretty intimidated. It looks rather uncomfy to be on that skinny bike for a whole entire hour. My bum is too big right now, they are gonna have to catch me when I slim down. I love going to the gym…well sort of. It simply brings me down when I cant do certain things or look silly doing them.

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